What I’m reading: Health Edition

If you know me at all, it is no secret that I’ve been on a multi-year health journey battling my weight. I imagine my father’s leg amputation is really when I amped this journey up wanting to understand my family’s health history and my ongoing battle of the mid-section bulge. To say it has been […]

2023: Favorite Book of the Year

“Of all the lies you tell yourself, perhaps the most common is that only if you do this or that, you will be accepted.” Mitch Albom, The Little Liar Mitch Albom does it again in his latest book The Little Liar. Somehow, he continuously manages to capture complicated, universal themes through the power of storytelling. […]

2023 Game-Changing Books

I kicked this year off with a focus on alignment. To live more like the person I believe I can be someday, while giving myself the grace to savor life in the moment. A lot of this is grounded in James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, which I continue to believe is one of the most […]

2023 Favorite Local Authors

Local is all in the eye of the beholder. I’m using it in the sense that these authors are local enough that I crossed paths with them AND absolutely loved their latest work. Equally as important was their ability to inspire me, encourage my writing (unknowingly), and reminded me to not compare my beginning to […]

Summer Reads

I’ve stumbled across some incredible new reads this year – some new authors or at least new to me – some not so much. And, given we have at least a solid month of beach time, even in northern Wisconsin, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite reads in case you are looking […]

Rule Breaking Elf

Elf on the Shelf always used to annoy me. As if, come December, I need a magical man running around my house making it a mess when I’ve already got a few of them living with me year-round. Last year, my amazing daycare really revved up the Elf and all his magic. It was great […]

Favorite 2022 Book

Selecting my favorite read in 2022 is similar to picking my favorite pet, child (although I only have one), or friend. They all have a very special place in my heart. But, this year, I want to highlight a certain book that caught me off-guard and continues to play in the back of my head. […]

Favorite Reads of 2022: Game Changers

Game changing may sound dramatic but I do believe the written word has the power to change lives. In this case, my life. This is by far the hardest list for me to compile, but these books without a doubt caused me to pause and question my why. These books challenged my way of thinking, […]

Favorite Reads of 2022: Series

In 2022 I pledged to read a bit more for fun. A few authors and their series made that exceptionally easy. I read a number of one-hit wonders, which you can see on my GoodReads account. But, in terms of series, these are a few of my new found favorites! The Eide Family Series by Peter Geye This […]

Favorite Reads of 2022: Truth Tellers

I just hit my Goodreads 2022 book goal! I was blessed to find some incredible reads this year and want to share them with you in case you are looking for the perfect gift for someone. I genuinely believe there is nothing better than being gifted a book in the long, dark, cold days of winter! Since […]