Favorite Reads of 2022: Series

In 2022 I pledged to read a bit more for fun. A few authors and their series made that exceptionally easy. I read a number of one-hit wonders, which you can see on my GoodReads account. But, in terms of series, these are a few of my new found favorites!

The Eide Family Series by Peter Geye

This trilogy includes The Lighthouse Road, Wintering and Northernmost. It takes place in one of my favorite spots – Grand Marais. Peter blends North Shore history, nature, Lake Superior and boating with intense family dynamics and romance. Each on these topics on their own make for a good story, but combined they were simply magical. Perhaps it was reading this series in Winter or recalling fond memories of Grand Marais that makes these books so special. I honestly do not know. I am just glad I got to know the fictional, multi-generational story of the Eide family. 

Cork O’Connor Series by William Kent Krueger

Simply put, these books make me happy. I love a good mystery novel. But, what makes this series noteworthy is the great tie-in to local places, history and culture and not on a superficial level. I love his understanding of Native culture and the tension between tourists and locals. He captures the pros and cons of industry versus environment, all while Cork O’Connor is busy solving yet another crime. Combined, one would challenge that an Iron Range cop turned PI would have this much excitement in his career but one can overlook that for a series that continues to impress me. This summer, my son even got to meet the author during a book signing in Duluth. It was 100% unplanned which made it all the better. Turns out he even knew my husband’s uncle from his days hanging out at St. Clair Broiler writing. The connection made it all the more meaningful and I cannot believe I just discovered this author this past year.

Winter Street Series by Elin Hilderbrand

I read this series in the heart of summer because I just couldn’t put it down. When I am searching for a lighthearted escape, I turn Elin Hilderbrand. I absolutely loved this series about a family during the holidays. Each book takes place at the same Inn on the Hamptoms while the family navigates all the drama that comes with the holidays and life. Romance, family drama, evolving traditions, conflicting interests and changing times – this series has it all. Grab a glass of chilled Moscato or a vodka sprite zero with pomegranate and lime in front of your wood stove and you have yourself the ultimate Friday night date.

Next up, my game-changing reads of 2022.

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