A Squirrel Walks Into A Bar – [#2421]

I want to breakdown a first world problem occurring on the shores of Moon Lake. It started many moons ago with me wanting to brighten up the doldrums of Winter with a bird feeder. Little did I know this would result in a multi-year saga that involved our former cat dropping a dead bird on […]

What I’m reading: Health Edition

If you know me at all, it is no secret that I’ve been on a multi-year health journey battling my weight. I imagine my father’s leg amputation is really when I amped this journey up wanting to understand my family’s health history and my ongoing battle of the mid-section bulge. To say it has been […]

Let’s Talk Football

“Keeping score isn’t nearly as important as knowing what makes up your scorecard.” Let’s talk football for a minute. I think there’s two important things to highlight here – I know very little about football and I was crushing on Travis Kelse before Taylor Swift knew he existed. Sure, I love a good Swift song […]

You Got To Know When To Hold Them

Let go of what no longer serves you. Unbeknownst to me, this meme was served up in my Instagram feed at a time I needed to hear it more than ever. It seems obvious and as someone who is regularly evaluating who and what needs to go in my life to ensure there’s space for […]

Extraordinarily Ordinary

In 2024, my ramblings will be seen as a column in some area blogs and newspapers. Here a peak at what readers can expect: Column 1: Extraordinarily Ordinary Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Beth, a middle-aged, latte drinking, working mama striving to live an extraordinarily ordinary life. For as long as […]

2024 Mantra: Being Happier

“Happiness isn’t found in some finite checklist of goal that we can diligently complete and then cost. It’s how we live our lives in the process.” Arthur Books Not happy. Happier. I stole my 2024 mantra from a book co-authored by Oprah Winfrey and Arthur Brooks. After all, who doesn’t want to be happy? To […]

New Year, Same You

Did you know that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions tend to fail by February? And that, at best, 9% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions? These stats probably don’t surprise you. But, have you ever thought to wonder why? As someone who loves setting lofty, interpersonal goals, especially in the New Year, I’ve […]

2023: Favorite Book of the Year

“Of all the lies you tell yourself, perhaps the most common is that only if you do this or that, you will be accepted.” Mitch Albom, The Little Liar Mitch Albom does it again in his latest book The Little Liar. Somehow, he continuously manages to capture complicated, universal themes through the power of storytelling. […]

2023 Game-Changing Books

I kicked this year off with a focus on alignment. To live more like the person I believe I can be someday, while giving myself the grace to savor life in the moment. A lot of this is grounded in James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, which I continue to believe is one of the most […]

2023 Favorite Local Authors

Local is all in the eye of the beholder. I’m using it in the sense that these authors are local enough that I crossed paths with them AND absolutely loved their latest work. Equally as important was their ability to inspire me, encourage my writing (unknowingly), and reminded me to not compare my beginning to […]