About Me

Hi, I'm Beth

I start most days with a maple, almond milk latte and a good book.

I once drank a few too many mojitos and proclaimed I was training for a half-marathon. I didn’t even own running shoes. Over a decade plus later, I’m proud to say I’m a back of the pack runner that’s crossed the finish line of over a dozen half-marathons.

I’m happily married and a proud mama to an incredible boy.

We are proud owners of pet chickens, a dog, and a psychotic kitten.

I live in a county with no stoplights on the shores of Moon Lake.

I love a good nap. A hike in the woods. Reading on my deck. Teremana tequila.

My books and blog Rural Ramblings are passion projects rooted in sharing my stories in hopes of helping

Everything I do is a work in progress, but as cliché as it may sound, I’ll take progress over perfection any

I recently inked my first tattoo on my wrist. It says Sisu. IYKYK.

As for the professional details, check out my LinkedIn profile.

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