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Now What? Navigating Life After Loss

My newest book, Now What? Navigating Life After Loss is available on Amazon or other major retailers. It will also be available at Honest Dog Books, Zenith Bookstore, Redberry Books, Cornucopia Sweet Shop, among other local retailers.

You can order it via my personal Book Baby website. Please consider leaving a review on Good Reads or anywhere else book reviews are accepted. It means the world to me. This book in-particular, is a labor of love that I hope can help just one person. It isn’t perfect but neither is loss.

Listen here for a recent interview I did about the why behind this story.

I also did a blog post on the same topic.

Now What is my story of loss. Big loss, small loss, ordinary and extraordinary loss. And what comes next. How time keeps moving. How incredible our bodies are at emotionally multi- tasking. How life keeps going. How we keep going. Only to love and lose again.

It Could Be Worse: A girlfriend’s guide for runners who detest running

My first book, It Could Be Worse: A girlfriend’s guide for runners who detest running is also available to purchase. For folks living in my area, you can buy in-person at Honest Dog Books in Bayfield, Authentic Superior in Herbster, Redberry Books in Cable, and Zenith Bookstore in
Duluth. Please consider supporting these fabulous local stores! Otherwise, you can buy my book direct from me on my Book Baby site – be sure to enter Run2022 for 20% off! My book is also available at Amazon or other major retailers.

2020 was many things to many people. But for me, it was the year that I finally self-published my first book. It is a labor of love all about a sport I hate… running. Yep. I hate the physical act of running but man do I love being a runner. In It Could be Worse: A girlfriend’s guide for those who detest running I share some personal wins and losses (many, many, losses) from the road and all of the insecurities that come with finishing in the back of the pack.

Did I mention I’m a plus-size runner in my 40s just trying to figure out this whole combination of motherhood, professional, wife, caretaker… like so many others out there I’m just trying to figure out how to stay upright. In 2011 (pre-motherhood), I decided to take up running on a
dare. My hard-core running friends talk about that runner’s high. Yep, still waiting for it. But, I channeled my inner Sisu (which you’ll hear about a lot in this book) and crossed the finish line. And like Forest Gump, decided to just keep running. Is it easy? Nope. Is it worth it? To be determined. But something keeps pushing me back to the open road. When I figure out what that is, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, I’ve found multiple ways to stay motivated and to feel worthy enough to show-up at the starting line. It is all part of my quest to be ok with just being ok (aka borderline mediocre) at something. In remembering not everything in life is perfect. That old adage, it is about progress not perfection. Yep. That’s me and this book in a nutshell. I also recruited some of my favorite running friends to share their wisdom and experiences on the course as well. I believe you’ll find their stories inspiring. Honestly, if you’ve always longed to run a race but don’t believe you are worthy of it… please give my book a try. If I can do it, I know you can.