Let’s Talk Football

“Keeping score isn’t nearly as important as knowing what makes up your scorecard.” Let’s talk football for a minute. I think there’s two important things to highlight here – I know very little about football and I was crushing on Travis Kelse before Taylor Swift knew he existed. Sure, I love a good Swift song […]

You Got To Know When To Hold Them

Let go of what no longer serves you. Unbeknownst to me, this meme was served up in my Instagram feed at a time I needed to hear it more than ever. It seems obvious and as someone who is regularly evaluating who and what needs to go in my life to ensure there’s space for […]

Got Beef?

Livestock auction in Bayfield County.

Ten years ago, I birthed a beautiful baby boy. Our first major outing was the Bayfield County Fair where I, with my heightened hormones, watched middle and high school boys (and girls) auction off beef to pay for college. Later, while nursing and watching yet another rerun of Friday Night Lights, I looked at my […]

The Big 10

Jake from Moon Lake today crashing the party to let you all know I’ve hit double digits. Next month I’m convinced I’m starting 5th grade as the fastest, smartest kid in the school. Not a bad way to start the year. I had some big wins this past year – literally. My baseball team went […]

Next Stop, MLB

My son’s baseball team won the Little League Championship in our small town. It marked the end to a very busy June packed with endless sitting in a blue chair watching the grass grow, along with Jake’s confidence. On game day for the championship and the ability to close out the season undefeated, Jake informed […]

Little League Moments

The start to summer break and Little League baseball is a great reminder of inertia. The contrast of sprinting through May at a breakneck pace of planning for the future while endless finish lines suddenly comes to a screeching halt during Monday night  (and most other weekdays that end with Y) Little League Baseball. IYKYK. […]

Joys of Motherhood

There’s an egg stuck in my hen’s butt. I watch her strut around with her feathery friends oblivious to the rear view display she’s putting on. “Hon, I need your help,” I bellow from the Chicken Coop. “What now,” he asks, exasperated from a morning of battling with a 9-year old about screen time. “There’s […]

The Final Countdown

My Garmin beeps, notifying me to relax. A whistle blows. Relaxation must wait. A foul. Just seconds remain on the clock. I clench my knuckles willing the opponent to blink – to lose focus in a critical moment. The orange ball bounces off the rim. A scramble occurs. The ball rolls out of bounds. The […]

Today I’m Nine

Jake from Moon Lake hijacking mom’s blog once again. I’ve successfully navigated another trip around the sun. This past year was packed with a lot of adventures, but what else would you expect? My third grade teacher Miss Janigo rocked the house. She kept me in-line and will always be known as the teacher who […]

Hurry Up and Wait

My kid is in his first season of kid pitch baseball. I love sports. I love Jake. But wowza, this sport is painfully slow. If you’ve ever been to a game, then you know what I’m talking about. That said, getting Jake to the games is comparable to Usain Bolt’s world’s fastest sprint. I’m not […]