The Big 10

Jake from Moon Lake today crashing the party to let you all know I’ve hit double digits. Next month I’m convinced I’m starting 5th grade as the fastest, smartest kid in the school. Not a bad way to start the year.

I had some big wins this past year – literally. My baseball team went undefeated in the regular season. Come tournament time, we remained undefeated making us Number 1. I also dominated on the basketball court – playing a combination of point guard and forward. I’m quite the dribbler with a lot of in-between the leg moves and trash talking I took first in the Tractor Pull for my age and also did my first cardboard boat race. We didn’t win that one but I didn’t sink so I’ll take that as a win.

Mom and dad let me watch the pros play this past year. We hit up a Lakers game while vacationing in New Orleans. I also spent Independence Day hanging out at a Twins game. Both were a blast and I even managed to get on the jumbo-tram for showing off my pipes. I’m pretty confident I’ll play pro one day but mom and dad are a bit more skeptical. I can’t wait to prove them wrong.

We spent some time sightseeing this year. I really wanted to go to Normandy but settled for the World War II museum in New Orleans over spring break. We also got some beach time in Mississippi as well. I ate my first crawfish, which I enjoyed, although I still find shrimp and all other fish disgusting. My first beignet was ok but I had just as much fun playing football with some random kids at Jackson Square as eating that pile of sugar. I enjoyed my first trip to Valleyfair (especially the part where mom and dad looked sick on rides) and a few more festivals. We also got a membership to Defy so I spent many weekends jumping around and doing slam dunks.

As I get older, the responsibilities are piling up. At Christmas, we added the newest member to our house, Scout. He was a wild child kitten that tried to take out mom’s eye and landed her in the ER. He is also entirely mine, which means I have to feed and water him daily, and clean his litter box. I had no idea how much a little kitten pooped. I’m also the primary caretaker of Joey, who just celebrated her Sweet 16.

This summer, mom and dad finally realized I’m not a baby anymore. We upgraded my room with a larger bed and a real desk with a chair that does 360 spins. I finally got a TV and after much debate and a VERY long contract, I got my first cell phone. I’m still getting used to carrying it and often times leave it at home but it has given me a bit more freedom to come and go from daycare.

Yep. I’m still in daycare. But, it is more like a posse of friends wreaking havoc in Iron River. We hang out at the library, Moon Lake Beach and go on plenty of adventures with the teacher aka Trish and Lori. It is a pretty good set-up and mom and dad feel it keeps me out of trouble.

I keep growing. My feet grew 4 sizes this year, as did my height. I’m healthy as a horse but I did have to see the doctor over stomach pains. Turns out I was eating too many grapes and my plumbing was a bit backed up. Now, I have to taper my love of green grapes with a more diversified platter of fruit and vegetables. I guess things could be worse.

All in all, if 10 is anything like 9, I’m feeling pretty good. My 4th grade teacher was awesome and already warned my soon-to-be 5th grade teacher about how sometimes I’m a bit too funny and not what’s the word – focused. I have a great group of friends. And my parents, while annoying, are still pretty cool. I’m pretty sure this will be the year I beat mom in basketball, even if she keeps trash talking. It is my last year at IRES so I plan to make the most of it before heading off to Middle School.

Until Next Year-

Jake from Moon Lake

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