The Final Countdown

My Garmin beeps, notifying me to relax. A whistle blows. Relaxation must wait. A foul. Just seconds remain on the clock. I clench my knuckles willing the opponent to blink – to lose focus in a critical moment. The orange ball bounces off the rim. A scramble occurs. The ball rolls out of bounds. The […]

Today I’m Nine

Jake from Moon Lake hijacking mom’s blog once again. I’ve successfully navigated another trip around the sun. This past year was packed with a lot of adventures, but what else would you expect? My third grade teacher Miss Janigo rocked the house. She kept me in-line and will always be known as the teacher who […]

Hurry Up and Wait

My kid is in his first season of kid pitch baseball. I love sports. I love Jake. But wowza, this sport is painfully slow. If you’ve ever been to a game, then you know what I’m talking about. That said, getting Jake to the games is comparable to Usain Bolt’s world’s fastest sprint. I’m not […]

Ode to Motherhood

I somehow did it. My very first and very rough draft is complete. When I think about loss, losing my mom ranks high. Becoming a mom triggered a whole slew of loss, lessons and love for the woman who made me. I’ve spent years writing about it. This Mother’s Day is no exception. For those […]

Hello World. I’m eight!

Jake here hijacking mom’s blog. This might be one of the last times I do this since I’m now getting old enough where I have an opinion about mom sharing every aspect of my life… But, that’s a battle for mom to fight next year. In the meantime, this weekend I turn 8. And wowza, […]

Lucky 7 Anyone?

I’m interrupting mom’s year of self-discovery to talk about the most important thing in her life – me. Yep, Jake from Moon Lake is back and hijacking mom’s blog for a quick update on the year I was 6. A year ago, I rang in my birthday with a football themed party at the Community […]

Six Going on Sixty!

Jake here again! Mom took a hiatus from updating this blog but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped aging. The last trip around the sun was CRAZY busy. I honestly don’t know how kids have time to be kids now-a-days. Topping the list, I graduated from kindergarten this year with off the chart testing scores. I […]

I’m Five!!!!!!!!!

Hey folks – I’ve successfully completed another trip around the sun which means it is time for me to hijack mom’s blog. Today I turn five. This is a big deal. You want to know why? Many moons ago my mom went to bull riding at our local county fair. At intermission she saw her […]

Oh my gosh! I’m four?!?!?!

Hijacking mom’s blog again. I notice she’s been pretty MIA on this blog thing anyway. It is like she’s working full time and going to school full time and thinks she’s just too busy… but I’m sure she’ll be back at some point. In the meantime, I have something extremely important to report. This week […]

Thriving Thirties Crisis Anyone?

Another trip around the sun means I’m one step closer to the inevitable mid-life crisis that happens at 40. Or, at least that’s what I’ve been told. What baffles me, though, is nobody talks about the time between your quarter-life crisis and your mid-life crisis. That in-between time where so much happens your head spins. […]