2023 Intention



I entered 2022 with an intention of enough. To tackle my life from a place of abundance. To quit chasing the constant grind of more and recognize that perhaps I, and my life, are enough. This intention didn’t discount my hopes, dreams or desire to continue evolving – but I discovered over the past 365 days that it certainly impacted the why behind it.

Don’t get me wrong. I still found myself caught up in moments of jealousy. A desire for Lindsey Vonn abs or a New York Times best-selling book. Perhaps a cleaner home with new leather furniture or a freshly manicured lawn with green grass and perfectly blooming hydrangeas. Exotic travels sipping cocktails from a cabana. I mean, who wouldn’t? But at what cost? For me, I’ve finally come to terms that the price is simply too high to pay today. That somehow not feeling enough in hopes of someday gaining more will balance out in the end – I’m not buying it anymore.

I discovered as fun and at times as fulfilling as the constant grind was, it isn’t who I am. Somehow, by giving myself some space after dad died, I discovered the Universe plopped me in Iron River for a reason. I am in fact a simple girl with simple dreams. To be a good mom. To write. To garden. To run. To work hard and contribute but not let work define me. To volunteer. To be financially secure. To watch more sunrises and sunsets. To hike. To read. To sleep. To watch little league baseball games and basketball games and wrestling matches. To cook. To rest. To watch birds, both domestic and wild, wander around our yard. To sip cocktails by the fire. To carpool.

I spent the past year reflecting quite a bit on the life I’ve built. How much of it was complete luck and how much of it was the result of hard work and in some cases bad luck. How at times, not getting the job or the guy (sorry Steve), lead me to this place. At others, how perseverance and straight up Sisu was necessary to get me to the finish line. How heavy loss weighed on me earlier in life but how it has given me great perspective on making mundane moments matter. How uninteresting the rat race has become to this gal, unless it involves buying athletic shoes for my son (we all have our thing).

All of these paths lead me to where I am today. A day where I like to set my intention for the following year. This year was easy. Alignment. To continue pursuing a life of enough – a life filled with what matters to me, even if it doesn’t add up to success by the extrinsic marketing forces that continue to tell us we’re not good enough.

Will I fall short? Absolutely. A life 100% in alignment would mean no compromises or sacrifices or recognition that life is complicated and messy. But, pursuing a life in alignment with what matters? That’s something I can throw myself behind in 2023 and beyond. It is something I can take small, meaningful action towards every single day. Cumulatively, it adds up to how I spend my minutes every single day.

Here’s to continuing to learn, grow and evolve into the woman I’m meant to be, while being grateful for who I am today!