Write the Book

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved writing but didn’t believe she could write. Someday, she thought, I’ll write a book. Someday when she has more life perspective, more experience writing, more time. Someday… Until ONE DAY, she found herself jumping around to music much too loud and cool with thousands of […]

Launch Day

https://youtu.be/ECBTraJG8V0 Book Launch Day is finally here. April 6 will always be the day mom died. But, today is about more than what I’ve lost. It is also about what I’ve gained. So much of who I am, is because of what I’ve lost. It is a huge part of who I am – and […]

Pre-Orders Now Available

My advanced copies of my book Now What? Navigating Life After Loss arrived last week. At first, I couldn’t open the box. When I did, I was struck with panic. Then fear. And finally, a moment of relief. I started this story nearly 27-years ago when I lost my mom. Over and over again I’ve attempted to […]

Daring Greatly

The Rock kicked off the New Year by sharing this quote: “One day or day one.” Over the holidays, I re-read Daring Greatly. The timing seemed appropriate, given I’m launching a book that’s filled with stories about some of the toughest moments in my life and to say I’m feeling vulnerable is an understatement. That […]

Rule Breaking Elf

Elf on the Shelf always used to annoy me. As if, come December, I need a magical man running around my house making it a mess when I’ve already got a few of them living with me year-round. Last year, my amazing daycare really revved up the Elf and all his magic. It was great […]


A few months back I called my shot. I shared my dream of submitting a book proposal to Hay House publishing company in hopes I’d be selected for a book deal. This past week I learned I didn’t get it. I’m not going to sugar coat this. I’m bummed. I believe my stories about loss […]

Frequency Illusion or Fate

  I’m currently sitting at a coffee shop in crunch mode. A few weeks ago I wrapped up the first draft of a book more than 25-years in the making. As I typed the closing words of the final chapter, I felt something was missing. That perhaps my book was an illusion or misrepresentation of […]

Ode to Motherhood

I somehow did it. My very first and very rough draft is complete. When I think about loss, losing my mom ranks high. Becoming a mom triggered a whole slew of loss, lessons and love for the woman who made me. I’ve spent years writing about it. This Mother’s Day is no exception. For those […]

Podcast Fun and Writing Deadlines

Things are getting real. This week, a podcast I recorded last month with Coach Kiah came out.  I first discovered Kiah by accident on Instagram. Since then, I’ve been a huge fan not only of watching her incredible weight loss journey but also her zest for life and all things farming. Yep. She comes from […]

Writing Truths

Things are getting real. A few months ago, I participated in a free writing workshop. This led to me joining a writing group that provides insight, coursework and assistance in writing a book. There’s also a contest in which you can submit a book proposal. I don’t anticipate winning but I do hope to receive […]